Care Team

The Care Team Ministry at Remnant Church of Sarasota is a ministry that provides practical, emotional, and spiritual support to persons and/or families with healthcare concerns or other life-challenging situations. Care teams are composed of members of the congregation and community at large who volunteer to provide help to a person or family in crisis at the request of that person. Acting as a team, care team participants contribute their time and talent in a coordinated effort to meet the needs of the care receiver or ‘friend’. The care friend determines the kinds of help they believe they need and are willing to accept. The duration of a care team depends on the need or needs of the care friend and may be of a short, intermittent, or long-term nature. There are opportunities for care team participation that require minimal work and commitment as well as opportunities that require a more involved and long-term commitment. Regardless of the level of participation, this is a ministry that enriches everyone involved and deepens our understanding of the gospel’s message of love and caring for each other.

Our Care Team leader is Anne Weidler and she can be reached through Associate Pastor Ed Sabatino at or at 9416777232 ex 3