Worship Arts

We believe that the worship of God is to proclaim His worthiness. He is worthy of all our time and talents. He is worthy of all our emotional, mental and physical energy. He is worthy of all our adoration, love, reverence and submission. He is worshiped in spirit and in truth, and is more concerned with the intentions of our heart than any act of worship in itself. We believe it is misguided to think that worship only takes place when His people meet together. As a priesthood of believers with access to the Father through the Son, we all can offer spiritual sacrifices, and must do so as we go about our day-to-day lives. This is not to say everything we do is worship, but in all we do we ought to find ways to exalt Him, honor Him, praise Him and thank Him. God is worshiped when we deny ourselves in the service of others and when we care for those who cannot care for themselves, as well as when we encourage our brothers and sisters through songs of praise. As baptized believers, we worship filled with the Spirit and should continually rejoice and give thanks. We find our identity in Him, and Christ Jesus becomes our life. When we obey His commands, our devotion and love for God is most clearly expressed. By prayer, meditation, study and the counsel of others we try to comprehend His will for our lives and follow where He leads. We see His works and get lost in wonder. We immerse ourselves in His presence and allow Him, through His Spirit, to transform and renew us, to cleanse and restore us, to mold us into His image – all for His glory. He is worthy.