What to Expect

What Can I Expect?

First, we encourage you to relax. There are no expectations for you to be singled out, forced to participate, or asked to give money. Don’t worry: we will not spam you, show up at your front door, or stalk you in any way. You are more than welcome to just visit and see what is going on. We encourage first-time visitors to attend our 10:15am Worship Service. Once service is over, we don’t run off. We enjoy each others company and in many cases head out to a restaurant and hang out. We believe in community. Come as you are, feel free to move about the cabin, and leave when you desire.

What about my children or students?

We love children at Remnant. We have Children’s Ministry (called WINGS) during our worship service for kids through 5th grade. All of our children’s volunteers have had recent background checks and are trained in keeping our kids secure.  They are able to easily reach parents during our services, if needs arise. During our Encounter Service, we have childcare available, if you desire that option.

Our Middle School and High School students attend our services on Sunday mornings and have their own youth experience on Friday Nights called, “Desire the Fire.” They meet here on our campus on Friday nights at 6:30pm. Check out their Facebook page (Desire the Fire) for the latest information.


Who is Remnant?

  • We are a group of messed up people who have encountered a very real God. We don’t fully understand it, but our lives have changed for the better and we have to share that with others.
  • We really believe that the Bible, every word of it, was written by God and to all of us. It is the sole source of truth in our world. We submit to it because God wrote it. We don’t always like what it says or feel good about what it says, but God wrote it and so we embrace it. Our feelings and understanding never trumps God’s. If we have a problem with God’s Word, the problem is with us, not Him.
  • We believe that people who are not hungry for God are probably full of themselves. We are all learning to empty ourselves, get over our pride and hunger for God’s plans. We don’t always take ourselves seriously but we do take God seriously.
  • We are a family. We drive each other nuts, we make mistakes, but in the end our relationship with Jesus bonds us together. We do our best to try to love each other as Jesus loved us. We disappoint each other, we surprise each other, we get frustrated with each other, forgive one another and we can’t wait to see each other. In ourselves we are dysfunctional in many ways, but in Christ we find purpose and connection. God has brought us together in this church family and we thank Him every day for that blessing.
  • We want others to know Jesus. In order to do that we try to keep our “overhead” low. Our pastors and staff are either volunteers or bi-vocational, receiving most of their support outside of the church. We share a campus with another church and worship on Saturday’s instead of Sundays. We do this to make sure our investment is in sharing the gospel and caring for others rather than salaries, benefits, bricks and mortar. As a result, we have resources to invest in local missions, meeting needs, and investing in the mission of missionaries around the world.
  • We believe the Spirit of God is begging us to unleash Him. If God has something for us, we want it- all of it.
  • We are a new church. Small but mighty. Not because of us but because of what the Spirit of God is doing through us. We have plenty of room for others who are messed up but whose hearts are turned toward understanding and following Jesus.
  • We are glad that you are here and hope we can help you on your journey toward Jesus.